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Bandsaws are a safe way to cut shapes and make deep rip saw cuts in a wide variety of materials. Scott+Sargeant have the widest range of trade & industrial bandsaws from Record Power, Startrite & Centauro as well as other specialist bandsaws. We stock a mid and top end selection with different sizes for craftsmen or large workshops. The years of experience in design and manufacture allow us to offer band saws for all: wood, plastics or composites with emphasis on quality & longevity. If you need advice on bandsaws, call us for any particular cutting needs - we are happy to help you choose the right saw or let you browse in our showroom near LondonWe carry a large range of spare parts for bandsaws, tyres, guides etc and are still supporting machines in the field well over 30 years old: when you choose us, you can be confident of performance and support. 
We also offer a range of Used Bandsaws
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