Osama AFS50/S Band Saw Blade Sharpening Machine

The Osama AFS50/s Bandsaw Blade Sharpening & Setting Machine is designed to sharpen both Bandsaw blades and circular plate sawblades. The AF/S 50 e AF 50 are heavy-duty machines and completely automatic. They have been designed for the sharpening of normal or spaced bandsaw blades and circular sawblades. The Mod. AF/S 50 in addition to sharpening the blades also sets the saw band blades. Its simple manoeuvrability and setting make the machine extremely adjustable, permitting the worker to rapidly gear it to the kind of work that must be carried out.
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Product Description
  • Min Blade width 8mm
  • Max Blade width 100mm
  • Max blade width for setting 50mm
  • Max diameter Circular Saw 520 mm
  • Max. Pitch 35 mm
  • Sharpening speed Teeth per minute 60
  • Setting speed (tpm) 80
  • Grinding wheel speed per minute 3000
  • Maximum diamter of grinding wheel 150mm
  • Grinding wheel thickness 6mm
  • Bore of wheel 12mm
  • Motor power 0.25 hp
  • Weight AF/S 50 80 kg
  • Weight AF 50 65 kg
  • Dimensions 50x70x135 cm
  • Dimensions for shipping 170 x 80 x 80cm, 200kg
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number OSAFS50
Manufacturer Osama

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