Aigner Segmenter - Radius Cutting Guide


The necessary supplement to the CirQuick for sawing segments of a circle.
Accurate sawing of segments of a circle - without tracing, no reworking.
Exact and quick adjustment to small and large radii by means of a scale.

Guide set
- supplementary for radii greater than 1000 mm.
Plastic spacer rail - infinitely adjustable.
Security tips for safe guidance of the workpiece.
The easy-to-read scale permits
exact setting of the required radius.
The segmenter is bolted with a star handle on the guide plate of the CirQuick.
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$198 EX VAT
> Part Number: AI216133000193
The approximate lead time for this product is 7 days.
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Additional Information
Part Number AI216133000193
Manufacturer Aigner
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