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Aigner Spindle Moulder Safety Fence 650+500 mm

Aigner Integral Safety Fence System - Infeed 650mm + Outfeed 500 mm

An excellent fence system with revolutionary features for safe and accurate setting on spindle moulders and shapers. On spindle moulders the opening in the tool area is always problematic. The Aigner integral fence provides a guiding area without any gap by using an integrated set of fingers that can be swung across to provide continuous support. The fingers have micro adjustment in the vertical plane allowing them to give maximum support.

Other safety, working, and support units can be mounted on the Integral fence. These include the flush fix, support rail, pressure module, filling bar and spreader. The anodised finish on the fence surfaces reduces friction and gives a wear resistant finish.

- The integral fence is suitable for any spindle moulder

- Mounting and adjusting can be done quickly and simply without additional tools.

- Exact setting to tool diameter and tool height is possible thanks to continuous adjustability.

- Guide-bars, integrated and thus loss-proof, guarantee a continuous guiding area.

- Further safety and working units, for example Flushfix and pressure module, may be mounted at the lateral mounting zones and via the supporting rail.
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Additional Information
Part Number AI213313000193
Manufacturer Aigner
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