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AKE High Precision HSK63F CNC Tool Holder 10185756

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The HP-clamping system - The powerful alternative to shrink fit CNC tools.

The new AKE collet chuck HP closes the gap between the existing flexible collet and the highly accurate but inflexible shrink chucks. Made possible by a novel clamping nut without ball bearings, in conjunction with a fixed nut. Overall, this wear is significantly reduced.

Many users look here an inexpensive, variable, yet easy to use solution. AKE has taken up this challenge. The result is a new high-precision and durable clamping system.

standard collet chucks previously had concentricity and feeding problems due to damaged ball bearings are a thing of the past. The AKE HP chuck achieve lasting concentricity of about 0.008 mm. Although the construction without a ball bearing nut manages, the feed for the forward and reverse rotation can be used. A form-fitting design of the new pickup allows this trick.

The simultaneous use of standard collets (Type 462E) gives enormous advantages in terms of cost and variability.

The LFS engineers also achieved a significant reduction in the diameter of 63 mm to now 53 mm. The lower interference contour brings in many cases great advantages with it, especially as the new HP generation for use of up to 24,000 rev / min is suitable.
Was: $208

Now only: $167

Was: $208

Now only: $167

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Was: $208

Now only: $167

Part Number: AK10185756
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