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ArtCAM Insignia : is a professional routing & engraving solution. It is an advanced level software for signmaking, engraving and producing complex operations such as carving:

With ArtCAM Insignia you can import or create vectors and then manufacture 2D or 2.5D products from those vectors quickly and easily. With ArtCAM Insignia you can engrave in metals, machine wooden pieces or run a production orientated environment.

* Import bitmap images with automatic vector creation.
* Engrave or route using a selection of 2D toolpathing strategies.
* Utilise production orientated tools including advanced true-shape nesting and drill bank functionality.

Create highly intricate personalized or custom 2D or V-bit carved models from sketches or photographs. Unique software tools guide you through the entire process, from conceptual sketch to the finished piece. Whether you are using ArtCAM Insignia for woodworking, sign making, metal cutting or engraving, ArtCAM will give you and your business the competitive edge.
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What is ArtCAM Insignia?

ArtCAM Insignia is a very powerful software program which allows
you to quickly route or engrave products directly from 2D vector

The Toolbox

ArtCAM Insignia gives you the tools you need to succeed. The advanced yet easy to use software gives you maximum flexibility
with more than enough power to get the job done...

Case Studies

Read about some of the interesting jobs our customers have
produced and how they are increasing their profits and improving efficiency.

The ArtCAM Routing & Engraving Solution

Just some of the new features and enhancements in the latest version of our award-winning design and manufacturing (CADCAM) software, ArtCAM Insignia 2010 include:
3D PDF Viewer
Customise The User Interface

You can now free up your design space by hiding any unused tools, creating shortcuts for your frequently used commands or making your own toolbox.

"The new interface is clean and uncluttered so there is no real need for multiple screens. I love the ability to create my own shortcut keys and toolbox; it makes my work time even shorter."

Michael Buckley : Michael's Designs
Material Block Simulation
Design In The 3D View

You can now save time by drawing, painting and sculpting directly in the 3D view.
Embossing tool
Create Visually Complex Texture Patterns

By using simple repeating toolpath elements, ArtCAM can now produce texture patterns that are quick to make and fast to machine.

This 2D Textures strategy is ideal for sign designs and panels!
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Benefit From Faster Calculation Times

ArtCAM now incorporates the very latest multi-threading machining strategies from Delcam's leading CAM system, PowerMILL. On modern multi-core PC's this can lead to dramatic reductions in the calculation time when machining a relief model.

ArtCAM also benefits from a number of new machining options & enhancements, usually only associated with higher-end, specialist, CAM packages.

"The new multithreading technology will undoubtedly speed up the calculation times for creating and editing our toolpaths."

Brad Devereaux : Royal Canadian Mint

Click here to see ArtCAM multi-threading in action >>
Embossing tool
Associate Layers With Toolpath Templates

There is now even greater automation for machining designs imported as layered DXF or PDF files from other CAD systems.

Using ArtCAM's new 'Toolpath Templates', previously defined machining strategies, cutting tools and machining parameters can be applied to named layers within the imported file.
Preserve Your Layer Structure Whilst Nesting

To minimise material wastage layer structures can be preserved when copying or automatically nesting a design.

This means that the same 'Toolpath Template' can be applied to all copies simultaneously, dramatically reducing the time required to machine layouts with multiple, optimised, toolpath strategies.
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