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Braun T2 Super 7 cbm Dehumidifier Kiln Kit


Can be used in conjunction with 20ft container

-Dehumidifying kilns for drying of all timber species and thicknesses with ecologically clean technology.
-simple construction of ones own drying chamber.
-simple operation
-low investment and operating costs
-chamber construction drawings supplied.
-Ideal for drying split logs, for firewood preperation to suit log burners. Helping to cut the air pollution from burning wet wood.

The drying operation is very simple for those who have never dried tmber before.. the drying intensity setting is done on the control box according to a simple drying table.. The dryer is turned on and left. Monitoring is only required at the end of the drying cycle.. The chamber is simple to make for any craftsman.

The drying relies on dehmidification principle. The dryer heats up the air and the built in fan drives dried air through the wood pile. The wood releases moisture into the air as the air is dryer than the wood. The air passes over condensation coils in the dryer and the water condenses and drains off. The dry air then recirculates through the wood in a continuosly repeating cycle.

the T1S and T2S versions of the dryers incorporate additional heating which brings drying temperature up quickly and then turns off. the result is a reduction in drying time by up to 30% with hardly any increase in drying costs..

The timber dryers are high quality made of high grade steel and obviously of very good value.

Insect elimination is available as an option on t2s: this raises the temperature at the end of the cycle to 60 degrees for one hour and this kills all insects in the chamber.

Voltage 415v

Additional fans are available as an option.

optional extras:
additional fan
Insect eliminator
(heats chamber to 60 degrees
for 1 hour at end of cycle)
Lead Time: 30 Days
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