Brookhuis FME Moisture Meter Kit with Hammer Probe

FME Handheld Moisture Meter - for the professional in the wood industry

Fast and accurate measurement of 79 wood species and 8 construction materials.

The tool for the true professional in the woodworking and construction industry. The FME has the same sensor technology as the FMD-Plus assuring an accuracy of 0,2 %.

The FME calculates measurement data for
79 individual wood species
4 common wood groups
8 popular building materials like concrete, MDF or gypsum.

The internal memory can hold up to 50 measurements, through which you can scroll using the instrument's panel keys. Connect our optional temperature sensor for automatic temperature correction.

The standard kit includes

the FME Meter
A Hammer Probe
Assorted insulated and non-insulated pins
a manual and cabling

Optionally you can order

a Handgrip probe
a Reference resistor
an external temperature sensor to connect to the meter
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  • Part Number: BHFME602
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Additional Information
Part Number BHFME602
Manufacturer Brookhuis
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