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Centauro BD NVZ CNC Chisel Mortiser

A new version of the successful BD1NV. Easy to program semi automatic swing chisel mortiser that eliminates the need for manual marking out. Programs are created by entering the component length together with the position, length and depth of the mortise slots.

The machine can memorise upto 99 different working programs each with 20 lines. Creating individual programs only takes a couple of minutes. The machine starts its work cycle by pressing the two hand push button control. This activates the cycle - clamping, table movement, start & stop of the mortising head.

The table movement speed (in and out) can be individually controlled - this is now done on a lead screw with recirculating bearings for an even smoother control and greater accuracy. As standard the machine is equipped 10 mechanical workpiece stops mounted on left & right aluminium table extensions. Optionally the stops can be pneumatic and controlled by the programmer.
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  • approximate lead time: 30 days
  • Part Number: CEBDNVZ
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Product Description
  • Motor 3hp
  • Max. mortise depth 110mm
  • Max. slot length with single stroke 100mm
  • Min. slot width 6mm
  • Min. slot length 25mm
  • Max. workpiece height 145mm
  • Max. workpiece width 140mm
  • Vertical stroke of head 90mm
  • Table transversal stroke 120mm
  • Table longitudinal stroke models 400mm
  • Two of aluminium table extensions - each 1600mm long.
  • Worktable dimensions 240 x 950mm
  • Dust outlet 60mm
  • Optional Equipment
  • Aluminium table extension per metre
  • Additional mechanical side stops for table extension
  • Pneumatic stops in lieu of mechanical controlled by the electronic control. ( 2 x stops on work table also under electronic control
  • but activated by the operator)
  • Additional pneumatic stops for table extension each
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CEBDNVZ
Manufacturer Centauro

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