CMT 199 CNC Carving Bits R=3.18 D=6.4 l=25 S=6.35

CMT part no:199.008.11
CMT 199 Round Nose Upcut Spiral Bit TC Z2 S=6,35 D=6,35x25,4x63,5 R=3,17 RH
- Premium quality solid carbide router bit for carving
- 2 upcut spiral cutting edges [Z2].
- Excellent finish on the lower side of the work piece.
- Upward chip ejection.

APPLICATION: used for profiling and ripping, template routing, panel sizing and any routing application on solid wood, wood composites, plastic materials and laminates. Can be used at a high feed speed on well-clamped workpieces.
For use on machining centers, point-to point machines, CNC routers and hand-held routers equipped with chucks or adaptors.- ideal for tool path profiling and carving operations.
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  • Part Number: CM19900811
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM19900811
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 6.40

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