CMT 222 Sawblade D=300 z=96 d=30

CMT part no:222.096.12M
CMT 222 series sawblade for plexiglass and PVC

This innovative industrial saw blade employs a special modified alternate top bevel grind (MATB) and a unique micro grain carbide formulation that allows it to cut plastics and plexiglass without melting! The blade gives excellent results in thin plastic, vinyl and plexiglass, and good results in plywood and two sided melamine

Tooth height 8mm
Chromium grade ISO KCR06
Hardness (HV10) 1.950
Kerf 2.8mm
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> Part Number: CM22209612M
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM22209612M
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 300.00

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