CMT 296 Sawblade TCG D=190 B=2.8 d=30 z=40

CMT part no:296.190.40M
Application: for cutting and dividing tubes, drawn products and solid blocks.
Machines: single or double mitre saws, radial saws. Recommended use with saw blades over the workpiece. Use series 296 for portable machines.
Material: aluminium, brass, copper alloys, plastic, composite material, melamine and laminated panels.
Warning: it is recommended to use a liquid lubricant. Wax stick for lubrication NOT RECOMMENDED.

-Teeth height 296 series mm: 6
-Teeth height 297 series mm: 8
-ISO grade: K10
-Hardness (HV10): 1.765
-Transverse rupture strength (N/mm2): 2.150
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  • Part Number: CM29619040M
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM29619040M
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 190.00

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