CMT 381 Roundover Bit w/ Bearing HM S=6 D=16.7 R=2

CMT part no:738.167.11
The smaller bearing on the CMT Beading bits makes a delicate inset at the base of the cut, giving you the advantage of an extra decorative option.
BE SURE to keep the black bearing washer right side up to correspond with the bearing rotation when reassembling the bearing.
Improper reassembly can cause the bit to unscrew. All CMT roundover bits have a 12,7mm bearing diameter with the exception of the radius 28,6mm and 31,7mm bits which have a 19mm bearing diameter.
You have 13 different radii to choose from, the majority having 5 shank diameter options.
All bits are made of Fatigue Proof? steel and have carbide-tipped cutting edges.

Shop Tips: The CMT 1.6mm radius roundover bit is excellent for finishing laminates.
Virtually eliminates the filing required when using conventional trim bits.

Safety Tips: Use caution when working with large diameter bits and make more than one pass to gradually remove stock.
Pay particular attention when routing small pieces; and always rout on a router table equipped with a fence.
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  • Part Number: CM73816711
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Additional Information
Part Number CM73816711
Manufacturer CMT
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