CMT 661 Roundover Bit w/Insert Knives S=8 D=27 R=3

CMT part no:661.030.41
Roundover bits with two replaceable knives fixed by special Torx screws. The blades are 4 sided profiled and give high economy of your work with laminates. For precision work on laminates.
Radius R2 or R3 is for rounded 2mm or 3mm ABS edges, MDF and wood;
same bits can take 1mm, 1,5mm, 2mm and 3mm radius cutters.
Hw Z2 S=8 D=12,7 L=57,5 R=3 RH

For use on portable Routers.
R=1.0 CM79001004
R=1.5 CM79001504
R=2.0 CM79002004
R=3.0 CM79003004
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  • Part Number: CM66103041
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM66103041
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 27.00

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