CMT 694.009 Reverse Glue Joint Head D=110 d=30

CMT part no:694.009.30 Reverse Glue Joint Cutter Block
The most unique and important feature of these CMT cutter heads is the capacity to produce almost indestructible glue joints quickly and accurately. Ideal for shaping wide dimension panels, doors and
furniture pieces. By accurately centering the cutter head to the wood, the upper and lower vertical
cutting edges will cut equal proportions. Simply run one side of the panel, turn the panel over, and then
run the opposite side - you will produce perfectly harmonized reverse cuts matching up to make flawless
joints. Excellent results on most materials, but ideal on solid wood, coated and uncoated man-made
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  • Part Number: CM69400930
Product Description
  • Diameter 110mm
  • Height of Block 40 mm
  • Bore 30 mm
  • - Hard aluminium alloy body with high resistance to tensile and yield stress
  • - 2 HWM knives 40x18x2mm [Z2]
  • - Tools for manual feed MAN
  • - Pins for the automatic positioning of the knives
  • Supplied in a solid plastic box
  • Spare parts:
  • CM69500901 pair knives
  • CM69599938 wedge
  • CM99006400 screw
  • CM99106400 alan key
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM69400930
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 110.00

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