CMT 806 Flush Trim Bit S=12,7 D=12,7X50,8

CMT part no:806.630.11
Using the CMT's combination flush trim bits is the easiest
and most precise way to put execute finishing on laminates.

These bits use ball bearing guide for easy template work and for
guaranteeing the protection of your workpiece.

We have designed a series of truly indispensable bits available in a wide range of sizes for your woodworking needs. For precision work on laminates or quick template work with excellent finishing.

Shop Tips:
these bits are excellent for making through mortises. Use a straight bit (711.130.11) to groove the area to make the through mortise. With a drill bit (CM51713031) bore a hole through the wood at one end of the groove. Turn the workpiece over to finish the mortise. Use a flush trim bit with a cutting length slightly longer than the fillet, following the groove made on the opposite side of the workpiece with the ball bearing guide.
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  • Part Number: CM80663011
Product Description
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM80663011
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 12.70

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