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CMT 812 Straight Router TCT S=12.7 D=12.7 L=50.8

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CMT part no:812.628.11
CMT Straight carbide router bits - Long Series

If you are looking to get the most out of your time and money through more efficient production, but want nothing less than a beautiful clean edge on your finished piece, then you definitely must include CMT straight bits in your collection. These razor-sharp, double-faced cutters perfectly synthesize the characteristics and advantages that define quality CMT products. Made of special Fatigue Proof? steel and micrograin carbide, our straight bits can withstand even the heaviest work load and still give you a smooth, precise cut every time. You also get exceptional chip ejection to allow cleaner and more constant cutting. The surface of all CMT bits is protected with our trademark orange non-stick PTFE to help keep the bit from collecting resin, pitch and other residue. Every bit is submitted to strict quality tests to guarantee perfect cutting tolerance, balance and concentricity. CMT bits allow production on an industrial scale using a variety of plywood, composites and natural woods.

Safety precautions: never use damaged or worn bits. Always work at the proper feed rate without forcing the bit. Pay particular attention when making the initial cut with a small diameter bit. For best results when working with small diameter bits, make the cut in more than one pass.
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Was: $47.55

Now only: $25.17

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Was: $47.55

Now only: $25.17

Part Number: CM81262811
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