CMT 900 Three Wing Slot Cutter TCT S=12 D=47.6X18

CMT part no:900.506.11
Create slots, grooves and rabbets in materials from 3,2mm to 18mm in depth by using the adjustable CMT Three Wing slot cutter set. See chart below for details on spacing and correct cutter combinations.
Ideal for biscuit joints and milling perfect tongue and groove joints.
This set includes:
- 4 carbide tipped cutters 3,2mm, 4mm, 4,8mm, 6,4mm
- 1 arbor 12mm or 12,7mm
- 1 ball bearing (22mm) for 12,7mm cut
- 17 shims: (8x0,1mm - 4x0,5mm - 3x1mm and 2x4mm)

Safety tips: Never use the slot cutter set without shims between the cutters.

The distance between the cutters can vary from 1mm to 1,7mm. A shim must also be positioned between the ball bearing and the cutters.

Shop tips: The bearings kit 791.711.00 allows to make 6,35 and 9,5mm cutting depth.
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  • Part Number: CM90050611
Product Description
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CM90050611
Manufacturer CMT
Dia D= [mm] 47.60

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