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CMT DET Double Edge Trimmer for Edgebanding Boards

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CMT part no:DET-001
Attach this trimmer to your workpiece, press both ends against the board for a cutting range between 13mm (1/2") and 25mm (1"), move the trimmer in the correct direction indicated by the arrow. This will cut on both sides easily. The first cutter will cut straight, the second one can be adjusted for a chamfer cut.
Both cutters are made from high-quality hardened steel and can be easily replaced when worn out [ Part no CMDET001K]

suitable for up to 0.6mm edging
Was: $31.20

Now only: $23.40

Availability: In stock

Was: $31.20

Now only: $23.40

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Was: $31.20

Now only: $23.40

Part Number: CMDET001
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