CPS Koala Spindle Moulder Ring Fence 180mm

Koala Spindle Moulder Ring Fence: This device allows you to guard and machine curved and circular work pieces whilst giving good visibility and protection. The guard can be fitted on all professional spindle moulders and shapers with a max. spindle diameter of 50mm and will accommodate tools upto 180mm diameter. The milling depth is easily set by the micro adjustment knob to give accurate finished dimensions. The aluminium infeed guide and workpiece clamp , are both adjustable in height parallel to worktable.

Both suction pipe no.4 @120mm and fence no.6 can be fitted either on the left or on the right hand side of this guard according to spindle rotation or specific working requirements.

Approx weight 12kg
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  • Part Number: CPKOALA
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Additional Information
Part Number CPKOALA
Manufacturer CPS
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Well built ring fence.
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After looking at several different types of ring fence as I need to make some curved head sashes I decided this one was the best all round. Offering good protection visibility and extraction port.
I did have to drill and tap the cast iron bed on my machine but there is a template provided and this was no problem to do.

This fence is an improvement over the old fashioned bonnet type in every way and I like the fact it has top and bottom guides and a lead in fence for good control.and I like the fine adjustment too.

It is well built and sturdy but it has a couple of little things that are not as good as they could be. Firstly the instructions are laughable and need writing properly.
Secondly it is like a tightly packed forest of Bristol levers, all getting in the way of each other. To adjust some of them you have to use 1/8th of a turn or undo other ones temporarily.
Once you are set up for a particular cut it is fine but each time you change it it is annoying.
I may actually change some of the levers to plain bolts and just use a spanner.

Overall it does what it needs to very well offering safety and good visibility.

Review by Ollie (Posted on 24/06/2015)

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