Electronic Digital Read Out Upgrade 3000 mm

M10 Digital Display Upgrades.

A fast and accurate system which allows reading of measurements directly on the M10 display. It is extremeley easy to apply - just fix the magnetic strip on a suitable surface of the machine with double-sided adhesive tape and fit the display with the sensor on the movable part. When movement is made, the display indicates the position with respect to a machine reference.

Main characteristics.
* M10 display dimensions:96x72x27mm
* Battery powered with a 12month life
* System accuracy: 0.1mm
* 5 incremental counting & 5 programmable offsets
* Programmable zero point
* Self diagnostic in real-time
* Wide installation tolerances
* Parameters stored in permanent memory
* Battery voltage control shown on the display
* Multi function LCD display
* operating temp: 5 - 60 celcius
* Max. humidity: 95% (condensation not permitted)
* Magnetic strip: 10x2mm
* Type of magnetic strip: MT500
* Max. distance btw magnetic strip & sensor: 2.5mm
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  • Part Number: KLKM3000
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Additional Information
Part Number KLKM3000
Manufacturer Klein
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