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EMME ELLE SL1 1300 High Gloss Polishing Machine

Polishing Machine for High Gloss Finish - MODEL SL.1E 1200/3000

featuring one oscillating roller inclined of 7°, this inclination avoids panels being lifted during the processing.

The rotation of the roller is approximately of 900 rpm, with an oscillation of 30 mm.; This allows the mops to perform a sort of small brushing in order to obtain a homogeneous polishing on the whole panel. The roller pressure on the panel is displayed through the amperometer located on the machine control panel. The moving table is adjustable and has a maximum traverse of 3 m.
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  • approximate lead time: 60 days
  • Part Number: ITEESL1
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Product Description
  • WORKING WIDTH 1200 mm.
  • WORKING LENGTH 3000 mm.
  • ROLL DIAMETER 350 mm.
  • Motor for the roll KW 7,5
  • Motor for the rise & fall KW 0,37
  • Motor for the back and forward movement of the table KW 0,75
  • Motor for the oscillation KW 0,37
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number ITEESL1
Manufacturer EmmeElle

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