Giardina Jet Air IR/3 GP Jet/6 Drying Tunnel

Jet-hot air drying tunnel type GP-JET 6 IRM/3 is suitable for the drying of any lacquering product on every kind of piece.
Conveying System
Free chromed bar conveyor (diam. 30 mm), which are installed at 100-mm pitch; driving by means of motor-variator with speed adjustment.
Drying Unit
The tunnel is made up of a press-bent lacquered sheet, closed on the top by means of movable insulated panels. It is equipped with sheet-zinc air distribution system and is complete with diffusing conical nozzles, which accelerate the air speed at the outlet side.

The air is taken externally by means of a plenum, which is equipped with filtering panels, and it is heated by means of a radiant battery with finned copper/aluminium spiral pipes. It operates with recirculation movement, the solvent exhaust is achieved through overpressure and it is controlled in order to ensure air exchange.
The air temperature at the nozzle exit is kept constant at the preset value by means of an electronic proportional thermoregulator which analyses the signal of the feeler inside of the hood, and acts the on the electrovalve servo-control.
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  • approximate lead time: 3 days
  • Part Number: GDJETAIR
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Product Description
  • * Machine internal width: 1380 mm
  • * Max. useful working width: 1320 mm
  • * Max. working thickness: 90 mm
  • * Min. length of the pieces: 300 mm
  • * Hood length: 6000mm
  • * Hood width: 1810 mm
  • * Conveyor length: 7000 mm
  • * Adjustable running speed
  • * Exhaust mouth dimensions: 200 x 200 mm
  • * Fan capacity: 8300 m?/h
  • * Recirculation air volume: 7100 m?/h
  • * Exhausted air volume: 1200 m?/h
  • * Heating battery power: 40301 kcal/h
  • * No. of nozzles ¢ 18 mm: 363
  • * Nominal air speed at the nozzle exit: 20 m/s
  • * Working temperature: 60°C
  • * Recirculation fan power: 4 kW
  • * Conveyor motor-variator power: 0.75 kW
  • * No. 3 IRM infrared lamps: 3,25 Kw. Each
  • * Total installed electrical power: 14,5 kW
  • * Machine overall dimensions: 7000 x 1810 mm
  • * Machine height: 2395 mm
  • * Electrical switchboard dimensions: B.L. 600 mm
  • * Adjustable working table height: 870-930 mm
  • * Standard Colours: Ral 7035 grey.
  • Electrical installation
  • The electrical installation is in IP55 protection class. The electrical power equipment, such as main switch, fuses, remote-control switch and automatic thermal relays is contained in a switchboard, which is separate by means of an electrical cable (standard length: 8000 mm).
  • The control keyboard is fed with low tension.
  • The main electrical and electronic equipment is by Telemecanique.
  • Machine in compliance with CE Safety Standards.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number GDJETAIR
Manufacturer Giardina

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