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Hoffmann Mitre Saw & Dovetail Jointe

Hoffmann Dovetail Jointer MS35SF
(Combination Double-Mitre-Saw, and routing unit the latest generation of this particular mitre saw)

The MS35SF helps to improve the quality of the joint, by cutting and routing each joint simultaneously. Thereby reducing handling time and increasing production.


Pneumatically operated with 2no. saw-motor units and 2no additional router-motor units. Simultaneous production of two exact mitre cuts followed by routing of either one or two dovetail slots in each side of the cut mitres.

Operating Options.

to function only as a double-mitre-saw.
to function as a double-mitre-saw and dovetail router.
two dovetail positions
position one (single dovetail)
position two (single dovetail)

All options are selected by the switch positions on the control panel.

Changes of the dovetail slot, within the mitre cut are made manually. Digital clocks on each adjustment position determine exact positions. Thereby simplifying changes and reducing set-up time.

Machine construction.

Table aluminium-profile table.
Machine stand Solid aluminium castings, RHS steel frame with sheet steel covers.
Operation Pneumatic, by dual hand Siemans SPS control panel.

Work-piece clamping..8 position vertical clamping cylinders, operated by foot-pedal or control panel. Optional additional horizontal clamps available if required. All cylinders have individual isolation.

Fence stops........45° fence-stop manually operated with digital reader and magnetic tape.

Dust extraction.....2 x 100mm. dia channels at the rear of the machine.

Hoffmann key sizes..W-1, W-2, W-3.
Standard tooling W-2 T/C routers T/C tipped saw blades 350mm dia.
Critical tool setting Router positions set by digital counter, router-cutting depths set by visual scale stop.

Technical data.
Motors 2x 500w angle routers /2 x1.8 KW 3ph saw motors.
Motor speed Router motors 20,000rpm. Saw motors 2,800rpm.
Tooling Routers W-1, W-2, W-3 / Saw blades 350mm dia.
Tooling locating Router shank 6mm. saw blade flange 30mm.
Table height 1070 mm
Weight 485kg.
Max work-piece height 100mm.
Max work-piece width.80mm.
Router stroke max depth 55mm.
Router positions max 2 positions per work-piece
Electrical connection 8KW 400v 50Hz
Cycle time Processing time of Mitre saw
without dovetails........4 sec
A. With one dovetail.....10 sec
B. With two dovetails......14 sec
Incl. Loading time of the machine but excl.stacking
Noise emission 85dB in working area.

Description of operation.

After positioning the square end of the profile into the machine and operating the dual-hand control, the material is clamped and then cut from above in an exact 45° mitre. The tables open, to allow the router units to cut one or two router slots in the cut face of the profile. The profile is then passed through the machine to a fence-stop (digitally positioned), the machine is again activated, material clamped, double saw cuts made, router slots cut and material released. Each cycle of the machine produces a section with a mitre on each end with router slots made for Hoffmann Keys.
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  • approximate lead time: 80 days
  • Part Number: HOMS35SF
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Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number HOMS35SF
Manufacturer Hoffmann

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