Italpresse Kube Cabinet Clamp

This New compact semi automatic clamp for cabinet assembly - easy and quick to use. with a powerful maximum horizontal and vertical clamping force of 1,500 Kg. If you workshop is still using sash clamps - you need to consider this.

The independent pressure regulators allow you to precisely set the clamping pressures of the horizontal and vertical beams which are horizontally and vertically interlaced. The beams are constructed of rectangular steel tubes, and faced with thick PVC profiles.
Set-up free operation -motorized movement of both pressure beams.
Two speed movement of the beams - simultaneous fast closing (80mm per second) with automatic slow down (20mm per second) before making contact with the cabinet.

Manual and full automatic modes - one-touch push button controlled cycle activation in automatic with selector to choose between vertical clamping first and horizontal second or visa versa.
Clamping timer with automatic opening sequence.
Clamping beam spindles are driven by a hydraulic variator with pressure switches to allow smooth and continuous movement of the pressure bars.
Safety metal screens installed on rear side with a safety light barrier protecting the front of the machine for maximum operator safety when working in full automatic mode.
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  • Part Number: IPKUBE
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Product Description
  • Height min/max . . 250 - 1300 mm
  • Length min/max . . 250 - 2500 mm
  • Depth max . . . . . 700 mm
  • WORKING HEIGHT . . . 400
  • Power . . . 1,1 Kw
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number IPKUBE
Manufacturer Italpresse

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