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ItalPresse Lockform Membrane Press

ITALPRESSE now turns out a huge range of membrane presses with specific features designed to meet all possible production requirements.

Membrane presses are widely used for 3D coating shaped wooden panels with thermoplastic sheeting, sliced veneers, laminated plastic sheets and transfer foils.

Typical products are furniture doors, desk and table tops, shelves and three-dimensional rustication panels for doors of all sizes. New applications are added all the time thanks to the users' ideas and imagination.

In such a dynamic situation, membrane press manufacturers should never feel complacent - technological solutions that appear to be ideal today may well be obsolete by tomorrow.

ITALPRESSE's philosophy has always been to develop different products for different requirements, identifying the advantages of each technology with reference to each type of application.

The already long list of basic equipment can be completed with optional devices, such as SHEET UNWINDERS/TRIMMERS, tray PARTIALISERS and KITS FOR ECOLOGICAL MATERIALS.
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  • approximate lead time: 3 days
  • Part Number: IPLOCKFORM
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Product Description
  • * Weld-free steel ring frame
  • * Platen size mm. 1450x2800
  • * Inside-frame dimensions mm. 1330x2680
  • * Max. thickness mm. 55
  • * Loading side mm. 1450
  • * Top-down platen movement
  • * Movement cylinders nr. 2
  • * Specific pressure max. kg/cm² 5
  • * Massive steel platens - thickness mm. 90-100
  • * Electric heating of platens
  • * Max temperature °C 150
  • Complete with:
  • * Hydraulic system with automatic pressure recovery
  • * Vacuum system with tank and vacuum pump
  • * Heating system for press platens with electric elements and oil circulation
  • * Air pressure system for positive pressing
  • * Loading tray running on rails
  • * Aluminum loading tray with channels for pressurized air and vacuum
  • * Electric system with control board
  • * PLC to control pressing cycle
  • * Digital operator interface to set and monitor pressing parameters
  • * Safety enclosure made of ABS panels with doors for maintenance
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Additional Information
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