Kiln in Container 40' - Electric Heating

This kiln kit is designed specifically to include an insulated 40' high cube container, giving approx 13 - 16 cubic metres of drying capacity
  • approximate lead time: 3 days
  • Part Number: KILNBOHQ40EE
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Product Description
  • Standard stack size 4 x 1 x 2m high
  • No of stacks 8
  • Insulation PU + aluminium 40mm
  • No of fans 4 @ 500mm diameter each
  • Installed power of fans 1.5kw
  • Nominal Air volume 17000m3/hr
  • Heating medium hot water
  • capacity at 60 degrees C 100kw
  • Maximum drying temperature 80 degrees C
  • Vents on one side 320 x 320mm (1 + 1)
  • Noise level 68-70 dbA
  • c ) Ventilation LEM
  • Axial fans with symmetrical wing-section blades in aluminium assembled on strong conveyors in stainless steel AISI 304. Our fans offer maximum power and optimal ventilation with the best results in both rotation directions. 900mm diameter eversible axial impellers to each motor, supplied with inclinable blades installed on a special hub.
  • Electric motor in STAINLESS STEEL, built to withstand high temperatures OVER 100° C and environmental conditions with humidity up to 100%.
  • d) Hinged doors
  • e) Air exhaust system
  • Made of aluminium, opening through servomotors. These may be supplied with ON-OFF switch and allow the regulation of the opening according to the climatic conditions inside the kiln, keeping a regular climate and achieving the maximum energy saving.
  • operation. Vents are placed on the roof.
  • f ) Moistening system (Spraying system)
  • Low pressure water moistening system (3 Bar). This system produces small water droplets thanks to special nozzles to guarantee the hygrometric equilibrium inside the cell, reducing the conditioning time at the beginning of the cycles and avoiding the colour adulteration and the stress of the wood. Every kiln is provided with many nozzles fitting in the inox pipe AISI 304 that could be dismantled (to permit the possible cleaning and maintenance), connected to an intercept electro valve that control the drops flow in the kiln.
  • g ) Electrical panel
  • The electrical board is assembled in conformity with international laws, in a sectional box, protection level IP 55. The electric
  • system is built with the connection between the electric board and all the automatic system, and between the control equipment and the electric board (placed at max. 5 meters from the chamber).
  • In case of exposure to high temperatures and/or if electromagnetic compatibility is required to prevent interferences caused by electronic equipments, only silicone cables, properly sized, can be used.
  • h ) Automatic control system VENUS 250 GR-8F
  • Type of function: DRYING
  • This fully automatic control system, controlled by a microprocessor, connectable through interface to a Pc, allows the
  • direct control of the drying cycle parameters.
  • It can run with 8 phases, among them 4 different drying steps:
  • heating - 2) conditioning - 3) drying (including 4 steps) - 4) conditioning - 5) cooling.
  • With the ability to set temperature, drying gradient and fan speed, the system includes already 24 pre-set drying cycles that can be recalled by a wood code, which identifies the type of wood to be processed.
  • Any pre-set cycle program can be modified and personalized according to customer's requirement and then recorded.
  • Venus 2500 also provides energy saving pre-set programs to regulate fan speed, when the plant is equipped with inverters, and optimize cycles according to any process phase.
  • Each microprocessor is equipped with cables and probes to detect
  • · drying temperature (1 pc)
  • · EMC (1pc)
  • · wood moisture (4 pcs) and with:
  • · n° 4 recording wood humidity probes
  • · n° 1 air temperature probes
  • · n° 1 EMC probes
  • · Proper relays drive proportionally the opening and closing of the chimneys, heating three-ways valve, the electro-valve for spraying.
  • · Additional phases can be added for phytosanitary treatment (56° for 30' in center of the wood) which can be combined with a drying cycle or separately. (optional)
  • The anti-freeze system is another main function :it avoids the freezing of the water inside the heat exchanger when the kiln is not working and electric panel is on.
  • j ) Interface + Software
  • Interface to permit the communication and transmission of the facts between the computer and the electric conductors of the drying cycles. Software System RX 6.2 for the contemporary control of the drying cycles up to 32 chambers. Software ULTRA VNC for the remote control of the chamber and the transfer of the facts. The system controlled by a microprocessor, connectable through interface to a Pc, permits to record the facts and the control of the drying cycles of each chamber. The ability to the PC connection allows the remote-assistance of our plants.
  • Note : the PC is not included!
  • k ) Technical room
  • The room is built in the rear side of the container, separated by insulated panels, equipped with a windows, a door and lighting.
  • This kind of heating system is based on a resistive electrical system and can be offered where the electricity is available at low-cost. The heat exchanger is resistive type, not heated by a combustion but by the passage of electricity flow. The same exchanger, electrical insulated and supported by an aluminum structure, can be directly mounted inside the drying kiln. Technical details of the Heating system using electricity:
  • Heating system Electrical (Resistive heat-exchanger)
  • Energy source Electricity 400V / 50Hz (60Hz)
  • Useful thermal power 100 KW
  • Software for the control of heat treatment phase in accordance with the norm ISPM 15. FOR THE STERILIZATION OF WOOD during 30 minutes at 56°C. The system includes 8 probes for detecting timber temperature. the software enables to store the process data and create a report fully complying with the norm specifications.
  • System for the automatic calibration of the temperature probes at any new start of a heat treatment process composed of:
  • Reference Certified digital thermometer (SIT).
  • Certified PT 100 to equip the certified thermometer (SIT).
  • Certifications of Probe and thermometer (SIT).
  • Temperature probes support, where probes are positioned for the calibration.
  • Price is ex Italy
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number KILNBOHQ40EE
Manufacturer Parmatam

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