Martin Machines


What is so special about Martin?  the highest quality, the longest life and innovative strength

For over 95 years the name MARTIN has stood for premium-class woodworking machinery. What Otto Martin, the founder, had started in 1922 with basic and solid machinery, eventually developed to become a benchmark for quality and functionality in the woodworking ma-chinery sector over the following nearly 100 years. Ground breaking innovations and numerous awards and patents date back to our traditional company from the Allgäu region of Germany. MARTIN has shaped the production environment of workshops and industrial enterprises worldwide.

Martin have become the quality market leader worldide through groundbreaking inventions and the robust construction of the most durable quality. Otto Martin invented the tilting blade sliding table saw in 1959, and the sliding table saw with a saw blade tiltable on both sides made its debut in 2006. Our planer received a Good Industrial Design Award at the Hanover Fair in 1954. The unique composite frame was launched in 1983, followed by the TERSA cutter block standard in 1995. The T45 Contour was introduced in 2003 – it is still the only planer which can also profile upto 630mm wide. We caused great excitement with the introduction of the T26 in 1999, the first spindle moulder with a swivelling range of 2x 45°.  In addition to the standard machines, we have also been able to score points with our innovations: We have created enormous savings potentials in the window manufacturing industry with the new Quality Finishing through elimination of the intermediate denibbing sanding