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Martin Panel Saws

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Martin Panel Saw

The Ultimate Panel Saws made by MARTIN in Germany

If you want to work with wood, you must learn to love its' qualities. You need to love its beauty, versatility and warmth and be captivated by the varied applications of this original material. We have designed sliding table saws for people like you; not only to facilitate your work but to let you create perfect results



The sliding table saw – Essential in every workshop.

A sliding table saw has a very central position in medium-sized workshops and industrial enterprises. It is still one of the most important if not THE most important standard machine in every carpenter’s / joiner’s workshop. Because of the constant technical development like the double tilting saw blade (invented by MARTIN in 2006) and the saw’s unbeatable flexibility make it an all-purpose machine for every workshop. MARTIN sliding table saws convince by their sturdiness, sophisticated technology and excellent economic value.

It is taken for granted in the industry that a MARTIN stands for maximum precision and productivity. This has been made possible by modern control concepts, high quality engineering and practical details. A MARTIN sliding table saw can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of every workshop. Whether you are looking for a scoring saw unit, a certain cutting width, or a special cutting length – you will find what you need at MARTIN!

One of the special features of the MARTIN sliding table is its hardened steel guideways. This principle was implemented on our sliding table saws in 1959 has steadily been optimized. The unbeatable technical advantage of this system is the smooth and precision guidance of the table. 

It is a testament to MARTIN quality that the hardened steel guide strips are permanently lubricated with oil. The hardened guide strips are cleaned every time the operator moves the table which is the only way to make sure, that the surfaces are unaffected by dust and chips. Another important quality feature is that MARTIN does not use plastic parts in the construction of this component which is so important for the cutting quality and overall life of the machine. The table edge lip that is bolted to the main sliding table extrusion – unique for saws and only available here at MARTIN – it can easily be repaired if damaged by large diameter deflected blades. The table can be locked down every 20 mm along the length of the machine and this way the table can be fixed in the optimum position that is best for the work at hand – irrespective of whether you want to work with jigs or position a workpiece.

The cutting height varies from 130 - 204 mm depending on the diameter of the saw blade and the model. Depending on the model, the saw blade can be tilted by up to 46° to the right or to both directions by up to 46°. This way you are perfectly flexible right from the start

A central function of a sliding table saw is cutting and trimming of workpieces. You will also notice these machines can do much more: in addition, you can also cut rebates, grooves, mitre cuts, compound mitres, lap joints, tenoning operations, incremental cuts and much more can be performed on a Martin saw. For all these operations you have very powerful tools at hand today that intuitively guide you through the work process. This merely requires the operator to know which tool he must use for the task at hand. When the operator has made his choice the electronic aids play out their strengths to the full. Productivity rises and the error rate drops. 

Thanks to the numerous innovation, options and accessories the sliding table saw has developed to become a comparatively safe machine. Cutting height and angle are automatically referenced to the fence, blade guards are controlled and dust emission is reduced to a hardly measurable minimum. Workpieces are held in place by a number of clever clamping devices in order to minimize the danger of moving pieces.

Call us for a demonstration or to discuss the vast array of options that can help your workflow and production whether you are cutting wood, plastics or advanced composite materials.

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  1. Martin T60C Sliding Table Panel Saw
    • Length of Sliding Table :3000 mm [Opt:1900/2500/3300/3700mm]
    • Sawblade diameter :400mm
    • Max Depth of cut at 90 deg :130mm
    Lead Time: 19 Days
    List £20,658.00
    Inc Vat £18,672.00
  2. Martin T65 Sliding Table Panel Saw
    • Length of Sliding Table :3000 mm [Opt:1900-5100mm]
    • Sawblade diameter :250-550 mm
    • Max Depth of cut at 90 deg :204 mm
    Lead Time: 59 Days
    £ Enquire
  3. Martin T70 Sliding Table Panel Saw
    • Length of Sliding Table :3000mm [Opt:1.9, 2.5, 3.3, 3.7 to 5.1m]
    • Sawblade diameter :250mm to 550mm
    • Max Depth of cut at 90 deg :204mm
    Lead Time: 157 Days
    £ Enquire
  4. Martin T75 PreX Panel Saw
    • Length of Sliding Table :3000mm [Opt: 1.9m, 2.5m, 3.3m, 3.7m, 4.3m, 5.1m]
    • Table Height :900mm
    • Sawblade diameter :250mm to 550mm
    In Stock
    £ Enquire
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