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Optrel Swiss Pro Respirators

Optrel Swiss Respirators offer superior safety solutions for welding, grinding, and various industrial applications. Renowned for innovation and precision, Optrel products guarantee optimal performance and comfort.


  • Respiratory Welding Helmet Systems: Integrated respiratory and auto-darkening welding protection.
  • Respiratory Welding Helmets: Helmets with built-in respiratory safety.
  • Welding Helmets: Designed for maximum protection and comfort.
  • Welding Windows for Robot Cells: Specialised for automated welding environments.
  • Accessories and Replacement Parts: Maintain peak equipment performance.

Respiratory Protection

  • Swiss Air PAPR: Advanced powered air-purifying respirators.
  • e3000X PAPR: High-performance PAPR for demanding conditions.
  • Supplied Air Systems: Respirators with compressed air support.
  • Accessories and Replacement Parts: Ensure reliability and efficiency.

Face Protection

  • Respiratory Grinding Helmet Systems: Integrated grinding and respiratory protection.
  • Respiratory Grinding Helmets: Helmets designed for grinding tasks.
  • Grinding Helmets: Robust face and head protection.
  • Softhood with e3000X: Lightweight, comfortable hoods.
  • Accessories and Replacement Parts: Maintain effectiveness of face protection gear.

The Optrel Edge

Innovative and High-Quality: Optrel has been a pioneer since 1986, combining advanced technology with superior materials for top-tier safety and comfort.

Sustainable Practices: Optrel’s ISO certifications reflect its commitment to quality, environmental responsibility, and workplace safety.

Swiss-Made Excellence: The "Made in Switzerland" stamp signifies a commitment to exceptional quality and service globally.

Optrel Swiss Respirators provide unparalleled protection and comfort, they are the trusted choice for professionals worldwide.

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