Martin Q-Fin Sanding Denibbing & Finishing Machine

Window processing without sanding between coats: that's Quality Finishing from MARTIN.

In window building sanding between coats is one of the least popular and most expensive work processes. But alongside the in-between sanding process, the frames also have to be transported, laid and turned. And that's all time-consuming work prone to damages. And above all it is expensive.

Here the effective "Quality Finishing" process can simply be used. Through the fine cross cutting the wood fibres which run lengthwise are cut at right angles. And that's at a definition, which cannot be reached with conventional methods. With subsequent applications of water-based preservatives and paints the fibres don't straighten
up again and the surfaces remain smooth.

This way in-between sanding of surfaces which are prepared with the Q-FIN can be omitted almost completely and so the related handling naturally too. That leads to considerable lowering of production costs on the one hand and to a tangible quality increase on the other.

You can operate the machine quickly, easily and in a targeted manner through the touch sensitive display. Easy to follow menus contribute to an effective setup time reduction and ensure first class working results. A powerful database allows the recording and storage of up to 100 programmes, which you can organise completely freely into 40 programme sets each with 24 programmes. So you are even optimally setup for a very comprehensive production range

"Quality Finishing" reduces your manufacturing costs and achieves firstclass finishing results on your windows
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  • approximate lead time: 30 days
  • Part Number: MNQFIN
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Product Description
  • Processing width: 10 - 250 mm
  • Processing height: 10 - 250 mm
  • Min. work piece length: 350 mm
  • 10.4" touch-screen
  • 2-axes control for width and height with automated referencing
  • Optical clearance of work piece feed
  • Quality Finishing and sanding drive can be switched on/off individually
  • 100 programmes for width / height
  • 48 programme sets with 24 programmes
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number MNQFIN
Manufacturer Martin

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