Martin T70 SIPS Panel Saw

Experience Perfection with the Martin T70 SIPS Panel Saw, like every MARTIN machine the T70 is built for maximum performance. This German designed and manufactured sliding table panel saw is manufactured to the highest engineering tolerances, using the very highest quality components the T70 ensures long lasting repeat cutting accuracy and operational reliability.

Cutting-Edge Control Technology
At the heart of the T70 is the user friendly 10.4" touch screen control unit positioned at eye level. From here the operator is guided through even the most complex working processes easily, quickly and accurately. All the relevant information is visible at a glance and even on the base model the operator has control of 3 cutting axis for the height, angle and cutting width through the motorised rip fence. If the machine is equipped with the optional 3 axis controller, this is also integrated in the control software. As standard the machine has a massive cutting height of 204mm at 90 degrees when using the 550mm dia blade. The large cutting height is possible thanks to the heavy duty composite frame to ensure max rigidity and cutting precision. Other standard features include Prolock quick blade change. The machine can be configured to suit customers individual production requirements thanks to the number of options that can be specified.

Rip fence
The T70 is equipped with a motorized rip fence as standard that helps you position the cutting width quickly and precisely. The intuitive touch screen controller helps to substantially reduce human errors when it comes to measuring and helps to contribute to the perfect cut. The precision rip fence's wear-free grooved ball-bearing guide system further ensures precise positioning and a high degree of angular precision over the entire cutting width. The rip fence glides over the machine table smoothly, unaffected by dust and chips. The unique MARTIN design makes the lowering of the rip fence below the table level quick and easy. This allows even long workpieces to be sawn. If the rip fence profile is laid on its side for veneer overhang applications, the controller senses this and compensates for the change in cutting width. To manually move the rip fence, simply press the button located on the fence and set to the desired postion.
  • approximate lead time: 30 days
  • Part Number: MNT70SIPS
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Product Description
  • Motor power 5,5 kW (7.5 HP)
  • Cutting height saw blade ?550 mm max. 204 mm (8")
  • Saw-blade tilt range 0° to 46°
  • Saw-blade diameter 250 - 550 mm (10" - 21.6")
  • Rotational speed 2800 / 4000 / 5000 rpm
  • Main saw blade change ProLock
  • Blade thickness max.6mm / special tools max. 20 mm
  • (0.79") (at 90 deg.)
  • Cutting width 850 mm (standard)
  • Optional 1100 / 1350 / 1600 mm
  • Cross-cut fence length 190 - 3310 mm
  • Standard Sliding-table length 3,0 m (9' 8") (standard)
  • Optional 1,9 / 3,3 / 3,7 / 4,3 / 5,1m +
  • Non scoring
  • Controller PowerPC
  • Control panel T70 Touch screen, color; TFT 10.4" (264 mm)
  • Control panel in VGA resolution
  • Cutting angle / height / width controlled
  • Display resolution 0,1 mm or 0,01°,
  • repeatable accuracy ± 0,05 mm or ± 0,005°
  • Dust extraction 1 x 120mm & 1 x 100mm
  • Air supply required for the rip fence.
  • (powered rip fence, power rise/fall & power tilt is standard from the touchscreen controller)
  • attachments may show optional extras not included with item quoted
  • __________Options to include_____________
  • T7009/4-a
  • Cutting width 1600 mm
  • T7006-a
  • Sliding table length 6 mtr carriage
  • length qted to order incl. 2 support feet
  • 2qty T7048-a
  • Additional table support with fence bracket fixings
  • 2qty T7465N
  • roller support leg (excludes floor rail)
  • 2qty T7035-a
  • Parallelogram cross cut table Mitre cross cut table
  • T7043-a
  • Digital cross-cut fence with continuos support and two flip stop elements
  • (only for use for 3mtr s/table length)
  • T7504-a
  • Increased rip fence length to 2mtr
  • T7048-a
  • Additional standard cross table, 1340 x 650mm
  • T7069/4-a
  • Manual eccentric clamp be suitable.
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number MNT70SIPS
Manufacturer N/A

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