Morbidelli N200 Flat Table CNC Router for Nesting

Morbidelli N200 Nesting Cell is a CNC routing and machining centre mainly dedicated for nesting process, specified for those manufactures who need to produce in batches or "order by order".
Available also in "cell" version with lifting table and unloading belt.
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  • approximate lead time: 45 days
  • Part Number: SCMON200
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Product Description
  • Vectorial speed X-Y axes m/min 103
  • Working area along X-Y-Z axis mm
  • Routing unit
  • Motor power (max.) kW (hp) 12 (16,5)
  • Rotation speed (max.) rpm 24000
  • Available tools on tool changer (max.) places 32
  • Drilling unit
  • Vertical spindles (max.) n. 12
  • Rotation speed (max.) rpm 8000
  • Integrated blade in X, diameter mm 125
  • Integrated blade in X, rotation speed (max.) rpm 10000
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number SCMON200
Manufacturer Morbidelli

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