Nesting CNC Router Alu Ranger 4221 V-Groove

The Casadei Industria AluRanger Vertical CNC machine is a space saving large format CNC machine that can be equipped with a router and V groover, plus other optional groups or combination of working groups to work in 3 or 4 axis cutting straight, angles or curves [not just X & Y] and thus can be used for cutting complex angles, folding, V grooving and nested working thanks to the advanced vacuum clamping system holding the panels in place.

The high performance AluRanger has easy to use parametric programming specially for Alucobond folding, slotting and grooving. It can be configured with many options and different working units. In this way this machine can be used for different kind of materials like Alucobond, fibre cement, plasterboard, paperboards, wood, laminated, foam, composites etc. cutting at speeds upto 50m/min [opt]

This machine can be equipped with an automatic vacuum sensor control switch for the independent discharge of each single working piece, avoiding that other pieces fall off. The small working area occupied,combined with large capacity and reliability of the units and components make these Vertical Machining Centres a solution for all needs of cutting, sizing, milling and drilling with high accuracy on Alucobond and ACM.

The machine can be configured with upto two main units: one for sawing, sizing and squaring optionally another one for milling and boring.

The machine is very compact, space efficient and accurate.
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  • approximate lead time: 60 days
  • Part Number: CSALU4221V
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Product Description
  • Working capacity: X 4200 x Y 2100 x Z 90 mm
  • Overall dimensions: 420 x 210 x 280cm
  • Surface occupied by machine: ca. 11 sq/m
  • Typical Daily production 300m2/per day
  • Auto Tool Changer 8 Positions
  • Axis speed: X 50 - Y 30 - Z 10 mt/min
  • Axis speed: X 98 - Y 98 - Z 33 ft/min
  • Electrospindle Routing head (STD) R55A: 7,5 KW (10hp) chuck collet ER32 - 18000-24000 RPM
  • Automatic Router Unit (STD) TC6: Servo controlled - 6 positions - Iso 30 cones
  • Two ISO 30 aggregates with 90° saw blade, for "X" and "Y" cutting - positioned on edge of working table
  • V-grooving unit (STD) V175-5: 5 KW Motor / 175 mm - 7" - V-grooving Disc - Z20 / 0-90° Swivel
  • Vacuum panel holding, working table with MDF sacrificial board: Divided in 6 zones
  • Vacuum pump 1 x 250 m?/h
Additional Information
Additional Information
Part Number CSALU4221V
Manufacturer Casadei

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