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Hoggers & Shredders

Shredders for Wood Waste

We offer a complete range of single or multishaft shredders, chippers and granulators which can be linked to waste systems or briquetting presses. These are used worldwide and stand for quality high “Made in Germany”. Our work is closely oriented at practical applications and we offer competent solutions to specific customer requirements in the sectors of shredding and briquetting. A speedy spare parts service goes without saying, as does our reliable maintenance and repair of existing Reinbold systems. In addition,  Rienbolds focus is on the shredding and briquetting in the plastics and timber industry. Whether pallets, waste timber and wood, railway sleepers, laminates or production waste– the important thing with shredding is to have chips of a good quality and in the required size. The AZR series shredders are slow-running single shaft shredders that are extremely resistant to foreign bodies and achieve very good throughput rates with low noise and dust emission. Our wood scrap shredders and briquette presses cover a wide range of application situations: from machines for small quantities to industrial applications. 

One of the major features of the Reinbold shredder is the well designed knife system. The concave ground round cutting heads make it possible to achieve a very high throughput rate at low force using an efficient scissor cut. The circular knives, mounted on the rotor can be rotated and turned up to 8 times quickly and easily by hand before having to be replaced. This helps to keep operating costs down

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