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Quality Bandsaws for Sale from UK Specialists

Bandsaws are a safer way to cut straight, curves or deep cuts in wood, foam, aluminium or composites. Find the widest range of affordable trade & industrial bandsaws by Record Power, Startrite, iTECH & Centauro as well as other specialist bandsaws. We stock a mid and top end selection with different sizes for craftsmen or large workshops. The years of experience in design and manufacture allow us to offer band saws for all: wood, plastics or composites with emphasis on quality & longevity.

We supply spare parts for bandsaws

We carry a large range of spare parts for bandsaws, tyres, guides etc and are still supporting machines in the field well over 30 years old: when you choose us, you can be confident of performance and support.

Read Our Bandsaws Buying Guide

Read the Record Power Bandsaws buying guide to find out more about the models we offer.

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