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Sawmills & Portable Sawmills

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 Browse our range of sawmills and portable sawmills from top brands such as Centauro, Forestor and Pezzolata. Buy online, or visit our showroom, near London UK.

Our Forestor CTR series represents the latest developments in Band Mill design with special emphasis on greater accuracy and longer service life, with minimum spent costs. The heavy duty machines are designed in an original modular construction that allow for easy replacement, or setting of all the main components and their individual parts. This significantly lowers the maintenance costs from the long term standpoint.

Each machine is based upon the robust moving sections that have superior engineered design. All our machines, even when working at the stated maximum diameters of round wood and considering the often very demanding operating conditions are well proven and built to last The cut length is practically unlimited, with all types, dependant only upon the number of installed extending track sections.

If you're looking for a portable sawmill, we would recommend the Forestor CTR 550 or the Forestor CTR 710 - both great for mounting on trailers.

Please also check out our new table saw range

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