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Window Making Machines

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Our range of special machines for wooden windows production includes a variety of special saws, jointing, tenoning machines and other tools that are designed to help you create high-quality windows. We also offer a variety of accessories, such as blades and bits, to help you get the most out of your machines. We offer a variety of machines to choose from, so you can find the perfect machine upgrade for your needs. We also offer a variety of financing options, so you can get the machine you need without breaking the bank. If you're looking for high-quality wood window machines, look no further than our range of special machines. We offer the best selection and the best prices, so you can be sure you're getting a great deal.
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  1. Copenstick SDL Glazing Bar Machine + CopingStation
    • Angle of Scribe - 90-45 Degrees as per increment on table
    • Workpiece Width - 18-30mm increments
    • Workpiece Limit @ 90Degs - 50 x 50mm
    In Stock
    List £8,100.00
    Inc Vat £7,794.00
  2. Copenstick TDL Halflap Joints for Glazing Cassette
    • Power supply - 240v 16Amps Single Phase 50Hz.
    • Pneumatic Supply - 6 Bar.
    • Spindle Speed - 18000RPM.
    In Stock
  3. Copenstick UNI 90' Spindle Profile + Tenon + Notch
    • Power Supply - 240V 16Amps Single Phase 50Hz.
    • Pneumatic Supply - 6 bar.
    • Spindle Speed - 12000 - 18000RPM.
    In Stock
  4. Italpresse Nouvo Program Frame Clamp 3000x2000
    Frame clamping presses by Italpresse are indispensable for assembling door and window frames, including solid doors, french window...
    Lead Time: 141 Days
    £ Enquire
  5. Martin T12 Spindle Moulder
    • Tilting range 0 degrees
    • Table size: 1050x750mm,
    • Motor rating: 5,5 kW (7.5 HP) (SPA1432)
    Lead Time: 200 Days
    List £22,500.00
    Inc Vat £22,200.00
  6. Martin T27 FleX Tilting Spindle Moulder
    Martin T27 FleX Tilting Spindle Moulder
    • Tilting Range -46/+46 degrees
    • Motor power 5.0 / 6.0 kw
    • Table size 1255 x 900mm
    Lead Time: 200 Days
    £ Enquire
  7. Sarmax Fibretech-S Window Component Sander
    This is just one of the most popular configuration sanding machine for window components, cutting the surface fibres to give you a...
    Lead Time: 57 Days
    £ Enquire
  8. SCM Dogma CNC Window Line
    • Max. workpiece length 3800mm
    • Max. workpiece width 200mm
    • Max. workpiece thickness 140mm
    Lead Time: 108 Days
    £ Enquire
  9. Stromab STH2500 ORA Door & Window Cramp
    • Useful working lenght 2500 mm
    • Usefull working height 1800 mm
    • Cylinders n degrees 3 + 2
    Lead Time: 84 Days
    List £11,938.80
    Inc Vat £10,773.60
  10. Vertongen Control 2 Tenoning Centre
    • Touch screen controled CNC Tenoning Machine with 2.2kw.Cut off Saw, cutting height 185m/m
    • 3in CNC Colour Touch Screen control unit allows intuitive set ups.
    • 1 x 7.5kw. x 545m/m long x 50m/m dia. programmable vertical spindle
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    £ Enquire
  11. Vertongen High Performance 3 Tenoner
    NEW VERTONGEN HIGH PERFORMANCE 3 **FULLY AUTOMATIC CNC CONTROLLED IN 7 AXES** The Vertongen High Performance Tenoner is the la...
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    £ Enquire
  12. Vertongen High Performance 4 Tenoner
    • Dimensions: 2200 x 1700 x 1600 mm
    • Total Extraction: 1 x ¥ 80 mm; 3 x ¥ 150 mm
    • Table Mounting: Vertically attached, extra solid.
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    £ Enquire
  13. Vertongen PenPro Window Centre
    The PenPro CNC machining centre has been designed short batch production of windows in for small workshops focused on particular a...
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    £ Enquire
  14. Vertongen Pentho C3 4 Head Tenoner
    • Frame Construction: ZKF Chassis.
    • Safety screen:
    • Pieces of hard and dust repelling polycarbonate on a rails with wheels.
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    List £38,052.00
    Inc Vat £35,994.00
  15. Vertongen Pentho C4 5 Head Tenoner
    The Pentho Compact 4 has a noise-reduced cut-off saw, tenon heads and two vertical 200 mm spindles. The machine has a solid table ...
    In Stock
    £ Enquire
  16. Vertongen Shaper + Sizer for Door Panels
    • Motor: 7.5 kW (10HP) - 7200 RPM@60Hz
    • Suspension Dovetail
    • Positioning Horizontal +vertical CNC-positioned
    Lead Time: 6 Days
    £ Enquire
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