Out With the Old… In With the New

February 10th, 2018

Washroom Washroom in Essex order 2 Martin Panel Saws as part of their constant investment programme:


Established in 2001 Washroom Washroom has grown to become a leading provider of high spec commercial washrooms, toilet & shower cubicles together with a bespoke joinery service for commercial, leisure, education and the public sector.

When they set up, Malcolm Read set up the company they started with some CNC router, beamsaw and a few classical machines including two Altendorf F45 panel saws. After the rapid growth of the company, which now employs over 60 people in the busy factory servicing clients around the London area. The company has successfully built on its philosophy to design, manufacture and install high quality and innovative washrooms, leisure and changing facilities on time and to budget for projects as diverse as the Shard, one of London’s most iconic landmark.

Malcolm and Peter Blair, his works manager, decided they needed to upgrade the Altendorf panel saws that were no longer accurate or reliable. When they started to do some research; “we wanted heavy duty saw with reliable aftersales support and bigger cutting capacities” They had been let down previously and realised how important continuous production was in their busy factory. Also, with the complex cuts they realised they would get a competitive advantage with as large cut as possible when manufacturing complex counter tops and compound angles. After four months research they chose to get rid of the Altendorf saw and order two heavy duty panel saws made by Martin – both machines w. The chose a T65 was chosen for the corian workshop, to sit alongside their Holzma beam saw. ‘The 200mm depth of cut is ideal for worktops with upstands’ says Peter. ‘overall we are delighted with the new saws’
Thanks for the business!
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Longpré Workshop Upgrade

February 7th, 2018

The Longpré team is a group of talented craftsmen, designers and project managers, who all share the same love of fine furniture and cabinet making. The identity of the company is defined by its members and their dedication and commitment to excellence.

Longpre Choose Martin Machines to upgrade their workshop:
Martin T27 Flex Tiliting Spindle Moulder with touch screen control, Aigner fences and extended tables, a T45 Thicknesser Planer and a T54 Surface Planer with Tersa planer system.
Martin machines were chosen for their heavy and robust construction, advanced controls – sure to stand the test of time and maintain high residual values.
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SCM Open House

October 23rd, 2017

Designed to change how you think about your manufacturing, SCM UK OPEN HOUSE will show you how to improve your business to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards. Implement innovative yet simple production automation, handling and software solutions allowing you to gain the edge on your competition

SCM, a leading producer of woodworking machines and solutions

SCM has always had a strong commitment to industry in its DNA and is organised in three major production centres in Italy. Industrial processes are organised according to the most advanced principles of lean management and operational excellence. The company’s goal is to offer our customers the best-in-class performance of quality and speed.

Casadei Industria’s Vertical CNC Router – Processing Composites

October 20th, 2017

The fastest and safest solution to process ACM panels/cassettes for cladding. Up to 600 sq/mt per day. The Casadei AluRanger Vertical CNC machine is a space saving large format CNC machine that can be equipped with a router and V groover, plus other optional groups or combination of working groups to work in 3 or 4 axis cutting straight, angles or curves [not just X & Y] and thus can be used for cutting complex angles, folding, V grooving and nested working thanks to the advanced vacuum clamping system holding the panels in place.

Dangerous Sales Found

September 20th, 2017

These old shotgun cartridges were spotted in a local antique shop…. This was from an era before we specialised in Woodworking Machinery.
You will need a licence to buy them!

The new Casadei Industria E450 Premilling compact edgebander – high performance and a small foot print.

September 6th, 2017

The New Casadei Industria E450 Compact Edgebander introduces track feed edgbanding and premilling at a level that has not been previously possible. The E450 edgebander is designed for applying edging up to 3mm thick. The E450 can apply edges onto straight panels with automatically, spreading glue directly on panel for plastic or wood edges in coils up to 3 mm thickness.

SCM Group refreshes it’s range with new branding and color scheme

August 24th, 2017

At LIGNA 2017, SCM Group announced it would be changing the color schemes and names of some it’s popular woodworking lines including: Classical Machines, Wide Belt Sanders, Edgbanders, Beam Saws and CNC Routers. The changes have now been implemented and the machines are starting to arrive with licensed dealers such as Scott and Sargeant. SCM Machines previously colored Red now arrive in SCM’s trade mark Navy Blue. Have a look at some of the woodworking machines new design below.

New Panel Saw Impresses Customers

August 23rd, 2017

The New iTech PS400 sliding table saw is a heavy, professional quality panel saw with a tilting blade for medium sized businesses. Everything about the machine shows its professional quality, with a 320cm carriage and 135cm rip, it can size large panels. The Italian design table saw is manufactured around an ultra-rigid trunion that sets new standards for machines at this price level. It will take a maximum 400mm main blade and 120mm scoring blade to stop any break out, powered by independent motors. Now in stock, contact our friendly sales team for more information.


First Class Honours for Deo

August 10th, 2017


We are proud to announce that Deo our Chief Technician has been awarded First Class Honours Degree from Portsmouth University.  Graduating top of his class, Deo was also awarded the coveted R.E.D Bishop Award and was presented a special prize from his Professor. Deo’s Post Graduate Degree focused on motion control systems and involved a theoretical and practical understanding of robotic systems and servo units. Deo’s success follows his recent NICEIC qualification. Our customers take peace of mind knowing that if support is required trouble shooting electrical and electronic PLC control problems on new or used woodworking machinery, our team of specialist engineers are there to get the job done!

REVIEW : Itech 01332 table saw, good bit of kit

June 12th, 2017

By Gareth on :  http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/itech-01332-table-saw-good-bit-of-kit-t100271.html

Received my new saw last week, thought i would post this in case anyone else is considering the same machine. it felt like a bit of a gamble at the time, I was down scaling my saw as i dont need a panel saw or anything of industrial grade & would shortly be loosing my Phase 3 power supply, so my old Wadkin SP12 was going. My budget was limited as i needed to buy a bandsaw & several other bits for the workshop, so i fell on the 01332

i know the SIP 01332 & the fellow clone axminster AW10 are highly rated, the Sip is the most expensive version at over £1000, i had been all set to buy the AW10 a few months back but the cost jumped over night pushing it up by almost £100 & if i added the cast extensions again we are over £1000 & almost at the SIP price.

Google kept bringing me back to the ITECH, i could not find many actual reviews, searches lead to uncertain information about if they were as well made re branded clones, or cheaper copies etc, an email to Scott + Sergeant brought quick answers via Mark, who stated they were from the same factory & all just the same machine with a few cosmetic changes, several further emails went back & forth whilst i tried to make my mind up.

With delivery the Itech came in at £850 & thats with the cast extension included, in the mean time i had chance to check out a friends AW10 which confirmed it was the right size & could do what i wanted. i must admit i was not sure how my inquiry would be handled by S+S as they have sometimes have mixed reviews on here but Mark was spot on throughout the entire process, he was fast & detailed in all his replies & info.

Few weeks went by whilst i sorted the removal & sale of the old saw, then 2 weeks ago i pulled the trigger, placed the order, asked for a specific delivery date (ordered Friday, requested a Tuesday delivery) & the saw arrived bang on that date, with Mark ringing me to confirm this the day before. (he also followed up checking that all was ok the day after it arrived)

i wish i had time to do a full un-boxing & stage by stage build review, but clients kept insisting on arriving thought the day meaning i was distracted most of the day & didn’t get much of it assembled.

The saw was finally fully built Wednesday, the instructions are not the best but as i had just dismantled the sp12 that had sat in the same spot since 1977 (before i was born). i found building the small saw up was just a case of common sense & making sure the right bolts were used in the right place. Adjusting things so they were level & square didnt take much effort, the mitre slots are spot on to the blade & machined accurately, the mite gauge has a tiny bit of slack in it, but a bit of tape in the right spot sorted that, fence was doddle to fit, the sub fence needed a couple of shims but again was easy to sort (my old saw needed a couple of shims in the right place) the operation of the saw super easy… all in all i was very impressed

I tested the saw on the stock blade, which did a good job of making sure it was cutting straight & then was used to build an additional side extension out of scrap so i can cut 5 x 5ft sheets easier, after that i put a Freud blade in & the saws now been used daily for the last week, its ripped 2.5″ oak, plywood tubes up to 1″ thick (50 ply) & regular sheet stock, i love it, its so quiet i keep forgetting to put my cans on…. its a great little bit of kit.