Scm Group UK Open House 25th – 27th April

April 21st, 2017

On the 25th, 26th and 27th of April SCM Group UK – in partnership with Scott and Sargeant – will open the doors in Nottingham to the Auther-Evolution, Also displaying a wide range of machinery for solid wood and panel manufacturing, all the the latest SCM Group technological advances.

In this framework, SCM will present the Morbidelli Author M200 cnc work centre with ALL-IN-ONE technology, the new CYFLEX S cnc borer, Accord 25FX cnc with Flexmatic table, AIR FUSION and SGP PUR  edgebanding systems, and many other machines to interest you.

Classical Machines on display also include :

SCM Startech CN CNC Drilling Machine

F410 Surface Planer

SI 5 L’Invincible Panel Saw

TI120 Class Spindle Moulder

Profiset 60 Planer Moulder


Minimax CU300 Combination: Extreme Reliability in an Extreme Location

March 16th, 2017

Macquarie Island was first discovered in 1810 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Southern Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. It is very remote and cut off from the world for most of the year. There is however an Australian base which is home to 12 researchers and 3 rangers … 3.5 million seabirds and 80,000 seals. The rangers look after this valuable wild life sanctuary having eradicated the introduced vermin [the island was declared vermin free in 2012]. The scientists conduct ongoing research into siesmic activity and have been monitoring the earths magnetic field since 1952.

Maintenance of the base buildings is critical, so natually they have a small maintenance workshop to keep the wooden buildings in the best condition possible. in this hostile environment. When they team decided they needed a new combination woodworker, they looked at all the options and chose the Minimax CU300 Classic Combination machine. It ticked all the boxes for the station: proven design, high quality and most important of all an excellent reputation for reliability all within a compact footprint and had multiple functions: a sliding table for crosscutting wood and panels, the spindle moulder, combined with a planer and thicknesser.

Joe who runs the workshop is a master builder .. he needs to be able to do pretty much everything to keep the base shipshape; Everything needs to be multipurpose in sucha remote spot – even Joe has multifunctions… he also doubles up as the Postmaster when the few tourist ships pass by. Joe is happy with his machine!

New Video from Martin showing the T75 PreX Panel Saw

December 19th, 2016

Martin T75 PreX – An innovative new panelsaw that can tilt both left and right 

A new video from Martin showing the T75 PreX Sliding Table Panel Saw… they very boldly say it is a machine for the future generation…
If you wish to bequeath a classic machine to the next generation today. The German manufacturer Martin have leapfrogged other manufacturers with this CNC saw. They have incorporated a great many innovative solutions into this premium machine, so that you have freedom to make more complex cuts on solid wood or panels. For example, the Martin T75 PreX saw enables you to execute any mitre cut on the cross-cut and rip fence in the best way for your tasks and the material to be processed. This is possible because we have combined a cutting height of more than 200 mm with a swivelling range of 2x 46° for the first time anywhere in the world. Ask us about a demonstration to find out more

New CombiLift and Warehousing at Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery

November 23rd, 2016

Combilift multidirectional forklifts are a popular choice in the timber sector for enabling the safe and space saving handling and storage of long and bulky loads such as packs of timber, roof trusses, sheet materials, mouldings and so on.  At Scott+Sargeant’s base in Horsham a C4000 Combilift is prized for its ability to offer very stable handling of woodworking machinery which comes in all shapes and dimensions, often with an offset centre of gravity.

Woodworking machinery and spare parts experts Scott+Sargeant’s stock comprises new and used machines, tooling, spares and parts and hand tools and the company is also an official dealership for the German made Martin Machinery. The LPG powered 4t capacity Combilift that it acquired from Andover Forklifts earlier this year solved a number of issues in one: the need for better and rationalised storage in one part of the premises and the requirement for secure handling of irregular sized machines such as dust extractors, panel saws and edgebanders.
“Space is understandably costly in his part of the country,” said Director Paul Charnaud, “and we saw an opportunity to make much better use of a previously underutilised area if we could find the right combination of handling & stroage. We had seen a Combilift working in a plastics factory across the road and due to the nature of the products we handle we realised that this would work for us.”
By installing racking that was configured according to the dimensions and working aisle-widths of the Combilift, 4000 ft² has been freed up where incoming new machinery is now stored prior to despatch. The truck’s ability to work in tight confines avoided the need for large areas to be set aside for manoevering, allowing maximum use of space. Paul Charnaud also adds that the racking has enabled much more organised – and therefore quicker – stock location as it was often necessary to remove a number of items before accessing the one in question.

Protecting stock from damage was a further consideration and even the most irregular loads can be securely moved around: resting them on the Combilift’s platform offers a much more stable base than balancing on forks. Paul Charnaud sums up: “Compared to our counterbalance forklift which had very limited mobility the Combilift has been very beneficial. We now store all shapes and sizes including spindle moulders and sawmills on the racking. Investment costs will be quickly recouped as we have reclaimed the idle space which was badly needed due to our ongoing growth.”


F J Williams Joinery ‘My 5th Martin Machine: T12 Spindle Moulder’

July 5th, 2016


Martin T12 Spindle Moulder

Martin T12 Spindle Moulder at F J Wiliams Joinery

Dave Williams of F J Williams Joinery has been so please with the first 4 Martin machines, he decided to upgrade his spindle moulder too. ‘We had the old Wadkin spindle moulder for years’ says Dave ‘it did the job and we could have carried on in the way we always had, making test cuts. We found the simple touch screen control and tool library on the Martin T12 spindle moulder so user friendly, easy and spot on accurate. We save loads of time on setups and change overs – it wasn’t much more expensive than a manual machine – we couldn’t manage with out it now’

Wood & Wisdom Choose a Martin T27 Spindle Moulder

April 18th, 2016

Wood & Wisdom in Balcombe Sussex specialise in high quality bespoke joinery, windows and custom stair cases. Over the past few years the highly skilled team led by Adam King have created an enviable reputation in the London and South East area.

‘Our business really started to grow when we realised we had to invest in new technology’ said Adam. ‘We started the process when we moved from traditional machines and took the plunge with our CNC window machine. This sped up our production, but it also created new bottlenecks.’

‘We realised we needed a programmable spindle moulder and chose an Italian one. It wasn’t a great experience, it had lots of features, but wasn’t actually that quick to change tools and the feeder arm, though controlled was a nightmare. Eventually we realised we need to sort the issue out and decided the Martin T27 spindle moulder was the best on the market for fast setups and really heavy construction.’

‘The machine is so fast and easy to change with the HSK tool change system combined with the touch screen control. We have created a tool library making it easier to train operators, the operator can just calls up the tool and sets the finished dimension – we save hours every week. There were a lot of other features we really liked but the big one was the positioning of the power feed – one click, swing it away, change the tool, it then snaps back into the correct position and the machine sets its position. We have had the machine in for two trouble free years now. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to any joinery company who wants to speed up production’.

West Dean College: ‘It’s an Education at Scott+Sargeant’

March 16th, 2016


West Dean College Visit

West Dean College students visit Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery

West Dean College in West Sussex is internationally recognised for conservation and creative arts. West Dean is a unique place to study, a centre of excellence and creativity. For the Post Graduate and Diploma Restoration students, there was only one place to view and learn about a broad range of the latest industrial specification furniture and woodworking machinery : The students came Scott+Sargeant to have a good look at traditional woodworking machines as well as CNC Panel SawsCNC’s Routers, Edgebanders and Beam Saws

The 2016 class were given a tour that lasted 2 hours, by Henry Charnaud, where they were demonstrated a broad range of machines, shown subtle and obvious differences between different brands, used machinery, and the company’s capability to refurbish both traditional Woodworking Machines as well as reprogramming used CNC routers and advanced machinery. Class Lecturer – Norbert Gutowski, had these kind words to say about the visit – “Henry clearly and professionally demonstrated his knowledge and expertise on any of the machines, which helped enormously to raise awareness of brands and quality of products and in some cases their astonishingly computer aided technological advancement”.
It was real education that could’nt be learned elsewhere

A Career Selling Woodworking Machinery?

March 4th, 2016

We are looking for another self motivated sales person for our sales team:  The roll is to be based in our showroom and the London area. The ideal candidate would be enthusiastic and have good knowledge of manufacturing, joinery and furniture. Previous sales experience helpful but not essential for the right candidate. Good package and great opportunities for the right person.
Apply in confidence with your CV to

New Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery Sign is Fitted

February 19th, 2016
Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery Showroom near London

Scott+Sargeant Woodworking Machinery Showroom near London

The new Scott+Sargeant sign has just been fitted –  visit our 40,000 ft warehouse if you are looking for  new or used woodworking machines, advice and excellent service

Fish & Chips on a Friday!

November 9th, 2015

A different type of chippie than we normally get…..
Every Friday we have McSmiths Fish & Chips Van outside.

The new chip van  - here every Friday 12-2pm.

The new chip van – here every Friday 12-2pm.

Come and try them our chips!…