Buying second-hand machinery makes increasing sense as capital gets scarcer and more expensive and next year’s order book looks less certain.  Minimising leasing or depreciation costs helps to maintain profitability, while investing in additional equipment increases your company’s versatility and productivity to tackle new projects, manufacture different products.

Dodgy deals are dangerous

However, you do have to be sure of your source when buying second-hand.  Taking on bankrupt stock from the administrator of a company that had not been able to afford proper maintenance for a couple of years before the company went to the wall is definitely a dodgy game.  It is far safer to rely on the expertise and professionalism of a company accustomed to repairing, servicing and re-calibrating machines to a high standard – and a company that has a reputation to maintain.  You have to know that machines you buy meet current electrical and health and safety standards, or alternatively what it will cost to achieve that.  You need to know when the equipment was last serviced.

Used machinery bought from a thoroughly reliable dealer in the equipment you need is the most cost-effective way to equip for new markets, new contracts, new products.  Buying top-quality, thoroughly checked and serviced second-hand machines not only costs a great deal less than buying new equipment, it removes the burden of the first major slice of depreciation from your accounts. That cuts the cost per hour, which in turn increases your company’s competitiveness without reducing the quality of its output in any way.

Finding a supplier

There are a number of companies offering used woodworking machinery and standards vary.  An internet search will give you quite a bit to think about.  Scott and Sargeant Woodworking Machinery, has, as well as an extensive web site ( a  35,000 sq ft showroom in Sussex that offers  a wide range of second-hand and huge range of new machines by major manufacturers as well as a full range of new equipment.  A pre-ownedWadkinGA moulder, for example, can be seen on the web site and is available from as little as £54.96 per week on a leasing contract.

Also available on  web site is the new Scott and Sargeant catalogue, which contains hundreds of new machines from leading manufacturers such as Martin, Stromab, iTECH, Italpresse, Centauro, SCM, Omec, Osama and many more plus a vast range of tools at attractive prices.  You can get a copy of the catalogue free at, where you will also find a range of specialised tooling and spare parts that can be ordered on line.

The key objectives in difficult times must be to increase manufacturing versatility and quality while keeping productivity high and costs to a minimum.  Selective purchasing of quality second-hand machinery can reduce your machine time costs, reduce costly depreciation and give your workshop greater ability to meet new challenges, generate new sales.

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