REVIEW : Itech 01332 table saw, good bit of kit

By Gareth on :

Received my new saw last week, thought i would post this in case anyone else is considering the same machine. it felt like a bit of a gamble at the time, I was down scaling my saw as i dont need a panel saw or anything of industrial grade & would shortly be loosing my Phase 3 power supply, so my old Wadkin SP12 was going. My budget was limited as i needed to buy a bandsaw & several other bits for the workshop, so i fell on the 01332

i know the SIP 01332 & the fellow clone axminster AW10 are highly rated, the Sip is the most expensive version at over £1000, i had been all set to buy the AW10 a few months back but the cost jumped over night pushing it up by almost £100 & if i added the cast extensions again we are over £1000 & almost at the SIP price.

Google kept bringing me back to the ITECH, i could not find many actual reviews, searches lead to uncertain information about if they were as well made re branded clones, or cheaper copies etc, an email to Scott + Sergeant brought quick answers via Mark, who stated they were from the same factory & all just the same machine with a few cosmetic changes, several further emails went back & forth whilst i tried to make my mind up.

With delivery the Itech came in at £850 & thats with the cast extension included, in the mean time i had chance to check out a friends AW10 which confirmed it was the right size & could do what i wanted. i must admit i was not sure how my inquiry would be handled by S+S as they have sometimes have mixed reviews on here but Mark was spot on throughout the entire process, he was fast & detailed in all his replies & info.

Few weeks went by whilst i sorted the removal & sale of the old saw, then 2 weeks ago i pulled the trigger, placed the order, asked for a specific delivery date (ordered Friday, requested a Tuesday delivery) & the saw arrived bang on that date, with Mark ringing me to confirm this the day before. (he also followed up checking that all was ok the day after it arrived)

i wish i had time to do a full un-boxing & stage by stage build review, but clients kept insisting on arriving thought the day meaning i was distracted most of the day & didn't get much of it assembled.

The saw was finally fully built Wednesday, the instructions are not the best but as i had just dismantled the sp12 that had sat in the same spot since 1977 (before i was born). i found building the small saw up was just a case of common sense & making sure the right bolts were used in the right place. Adjusting things so they were level & square didnt take much effort, the mitre slots are spot on to the blade & machined accurately, the mite gauge has a tiny bit of slack in it, but a bit of tape in the right spot sorted that, fence was doddle to fit, the sub fence needed a couple of shims but again was easy to sort (my old saw needed a couple of shims in the right place) the operation of the saw super easy... all in all i was very impressed

I tested the saw on the stock blade, which did a good job of making sure it was cutting straight & then was used to build an additional side extension out of scrap so i can cut 5 x 5ft sheets easier, after that i put a Freud blade in & the saws now been used daily for the last week, its ripped 2.5" oak, plywood tubes up to 1" thick (50 ply) & regular sheet stock, i love it, its so quiet i keep forgetting to put my cans on.... its a great little bit of kit.