We were recently asked to remove a very large CNC router for a client - It wasn't as straight forward as you might imagine. The Maka PE75 5 Axis CNC router was a heavyweight brute, it was 9m long and over 12000 kg..The door was too small, so in conjuction, with the landlord we had to take it out through a hole in a wall with 8cm of clearance.
It had to be dismantled to come from the back of a building, under a low mezzanine floor, the roof had to be supported, then through the hole in the wall, spun 90 degrees, into a narrow alley, over a fence, down the alley, safely loaded and sheeted on an articulated lorry for transport to the client.

Not easy! It took a couple of days to do the job smoothly and safely. The machine arrived safely.
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Removing a Maka CNC Through a Hole in the Wall