The New Si350PX sets a new standard for the humble panelsaw, it's designed to do everything a conventional sliding carriage saw can do while saving space, an issue that plagues many workshops.

Conventional beamsaws cut just right angles but the cuts upto 45-degree angles by using an outrigger table and stop system, similar to a conventional panel saws crosscut table, available with both manual or digital stops.

Mitre Fence with digital or manual stops

The Si350PX also has a tilting blade that cuts upto 45 degrees. This makes cutting compounds a breeze and explains why the machines have gotten off to such a popular start.

Tilting beamsaw cutting unit

Other niche features include, a straight line lazer - handy for ripping, an inverter controlled main motor to enable different cutting speeds which may be used for composites and non-ferrous metals. And because the main cutting unit Tilts, the Si350PX has another trick up it's sleeve, no scoring unit, it uses the Tilting mechanism and main blade to make a scoring cut before making its main cut.

Ready control panel

Outside of the Joinery market, we've found the machines popular with Insulation specialists, and façade panel producers.

Visit Scott+Sargeant at any point over the coming weeks, to view the machine in our showroom.