We get a lot of enquiries for CNC Routers at Scott +Sargeant. Often customers think they may be overly expensive or daunted by the prospect of buying their first CNC Router. Whether it's a desktop or Jumbo sheet CNC machine - we have got high quality heavy duty machines at sensible prices. 

This should not be the case, buying a CNC Router is a little like buying a car. You might look at a New one, Ex Demo or Used CNC Machine

The Affordable High Quality Jumbo Sheet CNC Router

Scott + Sargeant are uniquely situated in the market to give you impartial independent advice on new or used CNC machines.

This is because our massive showroom near London houses thousands of Woodworking Machines. Including many different variations of New and Used CNC Routers.

Our most popular range is the TigerTec flat table CNC machines which start from just £15500 for an 8x4 with an Italian HSD router head.

Often customers tell us they could get cheaper elsewhere and that's the truth, but not with the same quality. But do you really want to buy the cheapest? What about the quality? Would you buy the cheapest car? .. Maybe with the right aftersales care, support R&D you could. But will you really get that buying a cheap machine will generally be cheap components and build quality. Our TigerTec CNC Routers are specified with HSD router spindles, Siemens contactors, German rack + pinion, an 8mm thick annealed steel base.

Not everything goes to plan, accidents happen. But when they do you want an established UK Dealer that can support you every step of the way. With installation, training and support.

Our iTECH CNC Routers which we've developed with TigerTec bring together the best of two worlds, low cost CNC Routers and Branded components parts. This coupled with Vectric's incredible package V Carve Pro CAD CAM software makes for an unbeatable package.

The fact that we supply low cost CNC Routers in conjunction with Vectric V Carve Pro makes training a breeze. We can offer as much or as little training as you need from our entry level Desktop CNC all the way up to the Tigertec TR710 ADTC. 

Not only this but we work with all the major suppliers of CNC Routers on our used ranges you can be rest assured that you're getting the best impartial selection. So if you have a CNC Router enquiry email sales@scosarg.co.uk and let us help.