U-value is a measurement of the rate of heat transfer through a material or assembly. Changes in U-value regs typically aim to improve energy efficiency standards and reduce heat loss. To this end, the standards set in Window and Door Joinery must look for ways to improve further, enter Copenstick.

To meet the new standards, using Copenstick Woodworking Machinery will enhance the thermal performance of windows by incorporating advanced manufacturing techniques, improving jointing accuracy, and also incorporating established technologies such as Hoffman Dovetail Jointing into their machinery, Copenstick is the range you never knew you needed.

Firstly let's get an understanding of where the Copensticks lie in the traditional window sector.

It's all about Glazing beads, also known as glazing bars or glazing stops, which are the strips or profiles used to hold glass panes in place within a window frame. While glazing beads themselves do not directly enhance the U-value efficiency of windows, their proper installation and use can contribute to improving overall energy performance. Here's how:

  • Enhanced Insulation: Glazing beads can help create a tighter seal between the glass and the frame, reducing air leakage and minimizing heat transfer. When installed correctly, they can act as an additional barrier to prevent drafts and thermal bridging, which can improve the overall insulation of the window assembly.
  • Improved Air Tightness: Air leakage is a significant factor affecting the energy efficiency of windows. By providing a secure fit for the glass panes, glazing beads help reduce the infiltration of external air into the building and limit heat loss or gain through convection.
  • Reduced Condensation: Condensation occurs when warm, moist air comes into contact with a colder surface. Properly installed glazing beads can help maintain a consistent temperature across the window surface, minimizing the potential for condensation to form on the glass. This can help prevent moisture-related issues and maintain a healthier indoor environment.

So now that we have a basic understanding of Glazing Cassettes let's look at how Copenstick new technologies will transform the way we productively manufacture safely.

Why you need to know about Copenstick.

The Copenstick SDL has been designed for the accurate end-scribing of ready profiled material and glazing bar sections, the main characteristics of this machine are the two high-speed milling spindles fitted with ER25 collets and a height adjustment of 90mm, the motors rotate in opposite directions resulting in a perfect tear-free end-scribe/tenon. It's also much safer than using a traditional spindlemoulder.

The SDL Copenstick

The TDL goes hand-in-hand with the SDL.

The Copenstick TDL is designed specifically for the quick and efficient production of 90°Degs Half-lap joints for the use in SDL and TDL bars, window grills, and decretive cabinetry. Using Half-Lap joints, instead of individually mitered pieces results in a stronger and esthetically pleasing assembly. The Half-Lap joint consists of two parts. The vertical and horizontal pieces, which are, Half-Lapped, to produce the interlocking joint. Since the cut is the same regardless of profiles tooling and changeover cost is reduced.

Copenstick TDL

The UNI is the Machine you never knew you needed.

And wish you had thought of. Simply the UNI is an innovative Universal 0-90 Degree Router, capable of; Profiling and Tenoning like a spindle molder or superior router table (with a high-quality sliding table and small feed unit), but also a Notcher and Dovetailer, in essence, it's 4 well-known machines in one unique package, you get a superior finish and without any compromise on safety.