S&S Open House announced! New Tech for Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms on 11th & 12th of October!

Paul Charnaud

  1. Out With the Old... In With the New

    Out With the Old... In With the New
    Washroom Washroom in Essex order 2 Martin Panel Saws as part of their constant investment programme:   Established in 2001 Washroom Washroom has grown to become a leading provider of high spec commercial washrooms, toilet & shower cubicles together with a bespoke joinery service for commercial, leisure, education and the public sector. When they set […]
  2. Longpré Workshop Upgrade

    Longpré Workshop Upgrade
    The Longpré team is a group of talented craftsmen, designers and project managers, who all share the same love of fine furniture and cabinet making. The identity of the company is defined by its members and their dedication and commitment to excellence. Longpre Choose Martin Machines to upgrade their workshop: Martin T27 Flex Tiliting Spindle […]
  3. SCM Open House

    SCM Open House
    Designed to change how you think about your manufacturing, SCM UK OPEN HOUSE will show you how to improve your business to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards. Implement innovative yet simple production automation, handling and software solutions allowing you to gain the edge on your competition SCM has always had a strong commitment to industry in its […]
  4. Dangerous Sales Found

    Dangerous Sales Found
    These old shotgun cartridges were spotted in a local antique shop.... This was from an era before we specialised in Woodworking Machinery. You will need a licence to buy them!
  5. Stunning New Leaflet about Martin Machines

    We have just received some stunning new leaflets all about Otto Martin, the quality of the machines and its 95 year history. Beautiful German quality machines. Click to have a look at the brochure as a download:
  6. Minimax CU300 Combination: Extreme Reliability in an Extreme Location

    Macquarie Island was first discovered in 1810 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Southern Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. It is very remote and cut off from the world for most of the year. There is however an Australian base which is home to 12 researchers and 3 […]
  7. New Video from Martin showing the T75 PreX Panel Saw

    A new video from Martin showing the T75 PreX Sliding Table Panel Saw... they very boldly say it is a machine for the future generation... If you wish to bequeath a classic machine to the next generation today. The German manufacturer Martin have leapfrogged other manufacturers with this CNC saw. They have incorporated a great many […]
  8. F J Williams Joinery 'My 5th Martin Machine: T12 Spindle Moulder'

      Dave Williams of F J Williams Joinery has been so please with the first 4 Martin machines, he decided to upgrade his spindle moulder too. 'We had the old Wadkin spindle moulder for years' says Dave 'it did the job and we could have carried on in the way we always had, making test cuts. […]

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