S&S Open House announced! New Tech for Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms on 11th & 12th of October!

Machines Wanted

  1. New Service Contracts

    New Service Contracts
    Did you know that Scott and Sargeant offer service contracts? These can be tailored to your needs and fit around your production. Here are some pictures from a service job Lukasz and Dorin were at this week…we can service all types of machinery including CNC routers, edgebanders or simple classical machines such as bandsaws and […]
  2. Buying Second Hand Woodworking Machinery

    Buying second-hand machinery makes increasing sense as capital gets scarcer and more expensive and next year’s order book looks less certain.  Minimising leasing or depreciation costs helps to maintain profitability, while investing in additional equipment increases your company’s versatility and productivity to tackle new projects, manufacture different products. Dodgy deals are dangerous However, you do […]

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