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  1. U-value changes have arrived and Copenstick has you covered!

    U-value changes have arrived and Copenstick has you covered!
    U-value is a measurement of the rate of heat transfer through a material or assembly. Changes in U-value regs typically aim to improve energy efficiency standards and reduce heat loss. To this end, the standards set in Window and Door Joinery must look for ways to improve further, enter Copenstick. To meet the new standards, […]
  2. The Ultimate Used Martin T27 Spindle Moulder

    The Ultimate Used Martin T27 Spindle Moulder
    A rare chance to own a used Martin T27 tilting spindle moulder with almost all the optional equipment ticked! HSK quick tool change, motorised table opening, motorised feed support, 4 roller power feed, upgraded screen, upgraded software, inverter drive, collision detection, long tables, front support, motorised fence, Aigner fences - find the right spindle moulder […]
  3. Longpré Workshop Upgrade

    Longpré Workshop Upgrade
    The Longpré team is a group of talented craftsmen, designers and project managers, who all share the same love of fine furniture and cabinet making. The identity of the company is defined by its members and their dedication and commitment to excellence. Longpre Choose Martin Machines to upgrade their workshop: Martin T27 Flex Tiliting Spindle […]
  4. Stunning New Leaflet about Martin Machines

    We have just received some stunning new leaflets all about Otto Martin, the quality of the machines and its 95 year history. Beautiful German quality machines. Click to have a look at the brochure as a download:
  5. Minimax CU300 Combination: Extreme Reliability in an Extreme Location

    Macquarie Island was first discovered in 1810 and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Southern Ocean, about halfway between New Zealand and Antarctica. It is very remote and cut off from the world for most of the year. There is however an Australian base which is home to 12 researchers and 3 […]
  6. F J Williams Joinery 'My 5th Martin Machine: T12 Spindle Moulder'

      Dave Williams of F J Williams Joinery has been so please with the first 4 Martin machines, he decided to upgrade his spindle moulder too. 'We had the old Wadkin spindle moulder for years' says Dave 'it did the job and we could have carried on in the way we always had, making test cuts. […]
  7. Come to Our Open House on 20th+21st November: Making Wood Windows - The Fast, Flexible System with Martin, Vertongen & Whitehill

    On November 20th & 21st we will be holding a two day OPEN HOUSE Event. Click Here to Book Your Place [10am 21st Nov is now FULL] Our dedicated team will again be demonstrating production of the Whitehill High performance flush window system on the Martin T27 Spindle Moulder with the Vertongen Pentho C4 Tenoner. We will show you, in […]

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