Sarmax Unika Surface Texturing Machine

The Unika is a modular machine for Antiquing Rusticating wooden elements with regular profile such as: beams, planks and matchboard. Of rational and sturdy design to withstand the strong stresses of the heavy structural parts of wood assemblies. The main features of each antiquing, rusticating machine are:

Heavy structure in well-sized electrically welded steel consisting of extra-strong tubular structural sections

Casing screwed to structure with doors (front and rear) for accessing the inside of the machine

Triple-layer rubber belt with honeycomb pattern for better grip. Belt motorisation controlled by gearmotor unit for work speed adjustment

Modular brushing heads so as to be able to adapt the machine to different operating and surface-finish needs. 2, 3, 4 or more rusticating heads. Each head is an independent part and has its own brush movement and rotation parts.

Possibility of disengaging the heads or the head not needed for the specific job, by means of a fast power control

Possibility of fitting brushes of different kinds and grain depending on the wood being worked and the required surface finish

Brushes supported both at front and rear. At the front an easily removable double support permits quick brush replacement
Fast return of beam with head disengagement and repositioning to measure automatism.
Forward and reverse rusticating option.

Fine adjustment of the single brushes to offset different degrees of brush wear.

During operation, the heads swing backwards and forwards with alternate movement, driving the relevant brushes in order to create a more precise antique effect on the wood, where the grain is highlighted more, creating a natural antique undulated effect, can be equipped with up to 8 units including, hand planned finish, bandsaw finish, structured & woodworm effects.
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