Tigerstop Automatic Electronic Measuring Stop 4.0m

TigerStop Automates Your Existing Equipment - TigerStop is a pusher and a stop. TigerStop is a replacement for your manual stop system on almost any machine that is currently equipped with a manual positioning stop. Saws, drilling equipment, notchers, presses, assembly equipment, you name it, TigerStop is a simple way to automate the positioning requirements for all of these and many more.

Can I automate my equipment with TigerStop?
TigerStop is far more sophisticated than the simple and approachable human interface would let on. Built into TigerStop is the ability to take over the function of your machine tool. TigerStop can control your machine tool, save programs, and do certain kinds of defect optimizations. TigerStop has many special programs that are designed to handle many common and not so common applications in the manufacturing processes.

Easy to use add-on software permits TigerStop to be programmed to control several tools in a linear application. For example, you are building custom ladders and you want to set up a machine for cutting to length, boring, and notching the rails on the ladder. This is a simple operation for TigerStop with an automatic cut-off saw, a cross notching router on a slide controlled by a pneumatic cylinder, and a pneumatic boring head. These operations are done all in a line using one TigerStop and a PC with our special Multi-Tool program. Simple, affordable, and easy to implement for semi-skilled plant engineers or business owners, TigerStop is the solution for simple, low cost automation.

How simple is it to install?
Almost anyone can easily install TigerStop. Just attach the unit to your machine and start using it! No special wiring or software knowledge is required. Plug it into a wall outlet and you're in business.

How easy is it to use a TigerStop?
Very easy! TigerStop is designed to be simple to use and adaptable to your company's needs. The keypad looks like a hand-held calculator and functions in an almost identical manner. To move to a position, you enter the target value and hit the Start key. That's it! An operator can be trained in minutes.

What can it do for me?
TigerStop will make your production quicker, more accurate, and you will be throwing fewer mistakes away. You'll be saving money every day.

All units are left-hand and right-hand compatible.

TigerStop's 6 Basic Functions

1 GO - Enter any length on the keypad, in inches, inches and fractions, decimal inches, even feet, inches, and fractions, or metric, press GO, and TigerStopĂ– instantly moves to that position.

2 GO SET - Turn TigerStop's number keys (1 to 99) into hot keys to access 99 lengths that you cut frequently.

3 INCREMENT - Hit INCREMENT key and enter a value (+ or -) to move the stop relative to current position. Continue to hit GO to keep moving by the original value.

4 PUSH FEED - TigerStop can be used as a push feeding system, allow for saw kerf, and deliver finished lengths on the outboard side of your saw...or machine tool.

5 SET POINT - ...Or, you can use TigerStop as a set point stop system and enter up to 500 lengths into its powerful memory.

6 CALCULATE - With TigerStop's built-in 10 key calculator, you can calculate a new length based on your last position or on a new value. After doing the calculation, TigerStop moves to the new position.

All units are left-hand and right-hand compatible -
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Additional Information
Part Number TS4
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